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Devriendt Farm Stand & Nursery 7/9/2024


We have Native NH Corn!!!  The produce season is starting and we have corn from Lavoie's in Hollis while we are waiting for ours to be ready.  We also have cukes, summer squash and zucchini, peppers, eggplant, blueberries from the Bery Good Farm right here in Goffstown and fresh eggs from Grant Family Farm in Weare.  We have a limited amount of vegetable every day as we are just gettting going with produce.  A good day of a soaking rain would be most welcome right now with all this hot weather.  We will be adding produce as it is ready to pick!

Our greenhouse/farm stand hours will be 9am to 6pm DAILY.  PYO strawberries, unfortunately, is CLOSED for the season.  


We have already planted over 16,000 plants in the old corn maze field and must plant the corn maze by the 18th of June in order for it to be ready for the fall PYO pumpkin and corn mazing season!! Hoping for better weather this summer so those newly planted strawberries can be big and beautiful plants for next years pickin"!!

We still have lots of perennials, shrubs, apple and cherry trees, lilacs, roses, hydrangeas and more.  Lots of the perennials are getting ready are popping with color and more are getting ready to flower!!

We grow with non GMO vegetable seeds for the vegetable transplants that we sell as well as what we grow for fresh produce.  If you'd like more information, just ask us and we'd be glad to discuss it with you. 

Our ice cream stand is open DAILY from 11am to 9pm daily for the summer season.  Please remember that the ice cream stand accepts CASH ONLY!!

We accept cash, debit/credit MC & Visa cards as well as local personal checks in the farm stand/greenhouse part of the farm ONLY.  Please keep the credit/debit purchases above $10 due to the costs associated with accepting these types of payments. There will be a 3% service fee for all credit card purchases  to cover the costs that the credit card companies are charging us to accept this type of payment.  We apologize for any inconvenience!

 We post lots of stuff on Facebook so like us and follow us there.  It's a great way to stay updated with pics and real time information and pictures from the farm about greenhouses, holiday hours, seasonal strawberry picking, seasonal pumpkin picking, corn mazing and Christmas decor.

PYO Strawberries-- is closed for the season. Thank you to all who made it up to pick before we had to close and get that corn maze planted!!  See you next June.

PYO Pumpkins/Corn Maze--- is closed for the season.  Thank you to all who made it up to the PYO facility and braved the maze and picked pumpkins.  The maze was exceptional again this year, Jesse always give us a challenge designing the maze.  See you in the fall!

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