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My Favorite Places

Below are some of our favorite places to visit in person or on line. Best to do as much business as possi​ble in your local area as it affords the opportunity to support local merchants and service providers. These are often a small business and many support our/your sports teams and local events. This all helps keep the local community vibrant and healthy.

Dan & Lea

UNH Coop Extension --This is the local University Cooperative Extension service. They can help you with just about anything pertaining to your garden!

Blake's Creamery and Restaurant--Manchester, NH

Grant Family Farms--Weare, NH

Goffstown Historical Society--Goffstown, NH to see what Goffstown was like in the "old days".

McDougall Farm--Goffstown, NH

NH Plant Growers Association (proud member)

NH Made (proud member)

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